NT/2000/XP: Add a Temporary Route to the Windows Routing Table

routing - How do I add a static route in Windows? - Server route add MASK IF 1 I have a co-worker who is on vacation that did make a static route in the Windows routing table work when … Route different traffic through different network interfaces Jan 10, 2019 Route add or delete from commands | Teckadmin

The default route is represented by A destination/netmask of If there isn’t a route with a more specific destination and netmask, the default route is used. Use this subnet calculator if you need help subnetting. Add a Static Route. To add a route to the routing table use the route add command. An example looks like this:

To specify the interface in windows route command, you are supposed to use 'IF' Uppercase letters, not lowercase. Also, where you are specifying you want to add a route to a single IP, you need to use a subnet mask of The subnet mask of specifies a single host. Windows server 2012 r2 with virtual machines also win 2012 r2. I am assigning pubic ip’s to the virtual machine like: route add xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/32 IF 14 –p where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is a public ip. However if I restart the Host, the routes ( persistant ) still exist in route print but aren’t working.

To add a route to the routing table use the route add command. An example looks like this: route add mask You can optionally add a metric 2 to the end if you want to add a specific weight to the route. The routes with the lowest metric will take precedence over higher metrics.

Apr 01, 2012 Article - How-To: Route Print (Windows) Windows has a command-line tool for view the routing table. It is called "route." To view the routing table (this is universal on all recent Windows versions) open a command prompt. The easiest way to do that is to go to Start->Run and type in "cmd" then click "OK." From the command prompt (which will look like this) Type in `route print -4.`