Aug 21, 2016

The Best Free Web Phones & VoIP Software app downloads for Mac: Skype Discord Viber Call Recorder for Skype X Lite Apple FaceTime Camfrog Video Chat X AFP Server for Windows, Connect Macs to SMB File Shares Stop the Mac SMB file sharing nightmare once and for all. Acting as an AFP server, Acronis Files Connect: Reducing SMB protocol bugs, performance, and compatibility problems related to locked files and file naming issues, file corruption, permissions problems, non … How to Change or Spoof MAC Address in Windows / Windows

Using a VoIP gateway for fail over and PSTN calling In order to connect your VoIP system to the PSTN you will need an FXO gateway. There are a number of manufacturers who sell FXO gateways. You can get a complete list of them here. An FXO VoIP gateway works as a bridge between your IP network and the PSTN.

Mac OS X Server - Apple Mac OS X Server Network Services Administration for Version 10.4 or Later Set up, configure, and administer DHCP, DNS, VPN, NTP, IP firewall, and NAT services on the server. Mac OS X Server Open Directory Administration for Version 10.4 or Later Manage directory and authentication services. Mac OS X Server QuickTime Streaming Server Administration Best VoIP Apps for iPhone,iPad and Mac - AppDazzle

How to Install SQL Server on a Mac | Database.Guide

The SpiderDuo is a good KVM over-IP option for a remote Mac mini if Screen Sharing is not available. When you order the product, it comes with all the necessary parts: This includes the SpiderDuo, a power supply with adapters, a mounting kits, and the cables to go to your Mac and to your local KVM (if needed.) By default, the unit ships with DHCP.