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IPV6兼容解决方案 - 简书 WWDC2015苹果宣布在iOS9支持纯IPv6的网络服务,并且要求2016年提交到AppStore的应用必须兼容纯IPv6的网络,要求适配的系统版本是iOS9以上(包括iOS9),否则会有过审被拒的可能,贴别是子2016年6月1日起,国内陆陆续续出现了大量App无法通过IPv6 docker发现端口是tcp6的 导致无法访问前端 - 风行 … 2019-3-8 · /* If we have the unspecified IPv4 address ( and * the unspecified IPv6 address (::) is next, we need to * swap the order of these in the list. We always try to * bind to IPv6 first, then IPv4, since an IPv6 socket * might be able to receive IPv4 packets if … IPv6 test - IPv6/4 connectivity and speed test

I have found that IPv6 being Enabled has caused many HUGE problems. Many unexplainable network and server issues were solved by disabling IPv6. Not going to stop any time soon. The issue is probably because most things don't even work with IPv6 yet so unless you know specifically that you need IPv6, better to just disable it.

OpenWRT IPv6 三种配置方式 | Kompass 2019-9-22 · 3. IPv6 穿透 3.1 简介 NetGear官方固件支持IPv6穿透模式,接入终端可以获取原生IPv6地址。基于OpenWRT固件也可以配置IPv6穿透模式,具体参考这篇博客。 解决思路: 将路由器的WAN口、LAN口以及WiFi桥接起来,以brctl实现 WAN口、LAN口以及WiFi桥接之后,此时OpenWRT相当于一个交换机,此时WAN口、LAN口以及WiFi都

2020-2-16 · You will need to configure one of your machines to behave as 6to4 gateway, which will encapsulate IPv6 packets into IPv4 and throw them to public 6to4 relay router (and vice versa). If your IPv4 address is x.y.z.u, your IPv6 prefix will be 2002:xxyy:zzuu::/48 (xx, yy, zz and uu is hexadecimal notation for x, y, z and u, respectively).

IPv6 “We're going to need a bigger address …