Server colocation is the process of deploying and hosting an organization-owned server within a managed service facility/environment. It enables an organization to deploy their servers within an existing data center or IT facility. The server services, operating system and applications are all controlled by the customer, whereas the managed

Mar 18, 2013 Default Locations for Server Logs: Default Locations for Default Locations for Server Logs. The following table shows the default location of server logs within the SAS-configuration-directory: Note: SASApp is the default name that the SAS Deployment Wizard assigns to directory for the first application server. If you have a single-machine installation that was migrated from SAS 9.1.3, then the application server subdirectory is called SASMain. The Best Server Location Hosting: Who's The Best For Your Mar 05, 2019

Why does the hosting server location matter for your

Navigate SQL Server PowerShell Paths - SQL Server Note. There are two SQL Server PowerShell modules; SqlServer and SQLPS.The SQLPS module is included with the SQL Server installation (for backwards compatibility), but is no longer being updated. The most up-to-date PowerShell module is the SqlServer module. The SqlServer module contains updated versions of the cmdlets in SQLPS, and also includes new cmdlets to support the latest SQL features. Why does the hosting server location matter for your

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