Dec 14, 2019

Hulu is not part of that majority. Hulu has stated that is has a HUGE problem with the new Chromecast device because it allows people to stream the FREE Hulu service from their browser. Hulu is currently working with google to integrate its own app into the Chromecast which will allow people to stream from the Hulu Plus app. Chromecast Will Soon Support Hulu Plus and HBO Go Aug 01, 2013 Best Chromecast For Streaming Hulu | CordCutters Sep 06, 2018 Chromecast on Mac: How to Use & Setup Chromecast for Mac

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Devices that run “Classic” Hulu. Devices that work with the Classic Hulu app (as of press time, December 6, 2019,) are listed below. Note that these devices may have a Hulu app or access to a

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