You can use it for just searching purpose, not for whole writing. Just have to open a fresh page of chrome and click on microphone icon and start speaking. You can use voice search for pc, in Google maps, Youtube for music, etc. Change google voice search settings in desktop chrome: Method 1. Open Google chrome

Mar 14, 2017 How Much Does Google Voice Cost and When Is It Free? Sep 01, 2017 Google Voice Search for Desktop PC - SoftZilla With Google Voice Search you can talk instead of type to search on All you need is Google Chrome 11 or higher and a built-in or attached microphone. Google is rolling out this Voice Search feature gradually for every Google Chrome user on Windows, Linux and Mac OS (maybe it will be available for Firefox and Internet Explorer user too). Feb 01, 2013 · All you need is Google's Chrome browser. And that really is all you need, because it turns out Voice Search is built right in. Just head to, then click the little microphone on the right Mar 29, 2019 · Using Google Voice Search in the Chrome Browser 1. Open the Chrome web browser on your computer. If you don't have it installed on your computer, you can go to 2. Go to 3. In the Google search box, click the microphone button, and then click Enable "OK Google". On Mac OS X, you

May 12, 2014 · How to Use Voice Search and Google Now in Chrome on Your Desktop Voice Search. To perform a voice search, open a new tab in Chrome (press Ctrl + T) or visit Google’s front page at Always-Listening Voice Search. This feature is cool, but it’s not completely hands-free. You still have to click a

What is Google Voice? How to set up and use it on desktop How to use Google Voice You can treat Google Voice just like your normal Phone app, with even more flexibility. To make a call through Google Voice, simply go to "Calls" and type in the number. How to use Cortana search on Windows 10 | Windows Central

Mar 29, 2019

How to bring Google Voice Search to your desktop browser