Wired/Wireless Client VPN. Wired/Wireless VPN would be best for a home or office that has both wired and wireless clients that need traffic sent over a VPN. The devices that support this are the Z-series Teleworker Gateways, MX60W, MX64W, MX65W, MX67W, MX68W, and MX68CW.

Sep 29, 2011 Is VPN more secure than a Remote Desktop solution? Sep 19, 2019 VPN vs RDS vs VDI: What to Choose for a Secure Remote Access? Jul 10, 2019 SSL VPN Solution - Retirement Notification - Cisco SSL VPN Solution - Retirement Notification. The SSL VPN Solution has been retired and is no longer supported.. You can view a listing of available Solutions for Security offerings that best meet your specific needs. If you want support information for the SSL VPN Solution documentation, it may be available through Cisco.com Search or in the Cisco Community

This is pretty handy to implement at home when you need to access your files in your home computer at the office: I've had numerous members here email me about writing an article on setting up a secure, inexpensive, home VPN solution that they could use to share files between their home and office computers while they were at work.

How to Secure Your Home Network with One VPN Connection

SSL VPN Solution - Retirement Notification - Cisco

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