Oct 28, 2014 · The default location or address Google Drive uses to store and sync all files and folders is C:\Users\\Google Drive. It also creates a shortcut to the Windows Explorer Favorites entry. It also creates a shortcut to the Windows Explorer Favorites entry.

You can follow these steps to change Google Home WiFi network settings. Step 0: make sure Google Home can connect to internet. As mentioned, you can change Google Home WiFi network only when it is connected to the internet. You may consider this is a limitation. But actually, this is a hidden security feature. Apr 17, 2017 · Edit Your Home, Work, and Device Address With Google Home. As we mentioned earlier, Google Home has its own special third type of address called “device address.” If you have a Google Home but it’s not at your home address, you can set the device address separately. You can also use the Google Home app to change your address the same way Oct 17, 2016 · I have Win 10 V.1607. The default weather location on the Edge Home Page is Sidmouth, Devon. I do not live anywhere near there so I don't know how this has happened. If I go to edit on the weather app and change manually to my location and save it will change but if I close Edge and re-open it reverts to Sidmouth.

Incorrect home location. Many of the Google Home requests -- like weather or traffic updates -- require location data to give you accurate results. But there's no way to change the wake words

When you first configure the Google app, you can add Home or Work locations so that you get better contextual feedback on driving distances, traffic and so on. But, what if you move or change jobs? Oct 02, 2019 · Check and update your locationOn your computer, do a search on Google.Scroll to the bottom of the search results page. You'll see your location.To update your location, click Use precise location or Update location.If you're asked to share your device's location with Google, click Allow. How to change your default weather location in Windows 10 By Dan Plummer 30 Aug 2017 Windows 10 comes with a useful weather app, MSN Weather, out of the box – and when you first set up your PC, you'll find a tile for it on your Start menu.

Jul 16, 2020 · Set up, manage, and control your Google Home, Google Nest, and Chromecast devices, plus thousands of connected home products like lights, cameras, thermostats, and more – all from the Google Home app. One view of your home. The Home tab gives you shortcuts for the things you do most, like playing music or dimming the lights when you want to start a movie. Control it all with just a tap

Google Weather Gadget is a component of the iGoogle homepage, a customized Google website that displays customized information -- including weather -- regionalized to your home location. Change your city within the Weather application without changing the rest of your Google profile. May 18, 2020 · How to change the language on your Google Device 1. Open Google Home App. Using your smartphone or tablet, open up the Google Home app. Open the Settings icon on the home page, which looks like a